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We all have bought flowers for various reasons – weddings, visiting a sick friend in the hospital, gifts for your partner, etc. Buying flowers is a common enough practice to warrant a number of florists in any city, but it is also not an everyday task for most people. Accordingly, most people visit a florist only rarely, and they may be quite unaware of a few secrets to securing the best and freshest blossoms. Below are some points your florist may want you to know, but not tell you: 

Most flower shops tend to restock every Monday – usually, florists tend to restock their supplies on Monday mornings. Thus, you can grasp two points from this fact. The first is that the freshest blossoms will be those you pick on Monday mornings, whereas the second is that, if you are looking for special offers, the best days to try and look for them is on Fridays and Saturdays, when leftover stocks remain.

  • You can return the vases – many same day same day delivery flowers Melbourne and other floral gifts that do not come in bouquets tend to come in small glass vases. You will most likely end up throwing away these vases, but if you were to return them to the florist, you will find that most of them will gladly accept them back: these vases can easily be reused (and you can contribute to the process of reuse and recycle!)
    • Scented flowers are rare – nowadays, you might find that most flowers hardly smell good like in the past – or as much as wild flowers do. They do not necessarily smell bad, but just do not have a strong fragrance. The fault is not with your nose; it is simply a matter of DNA engineering technology. In order to increase profits for floral business, greater attention has been paid to increasing the longevity of flowers, and thus, in turn, the fragrance tends to suffer.
      • Discounts? – Most florists are generally willing to extend discounts. This is because they want to acquire customers for life (given the state of the floral businesses today). Accordingly, if you are an older citizen, or are planning for an event which will require a bulk order, or are generally courteous, you will find the good florist will gladly give you a discount. However, know that during the Valentine season and other months with similar festivities, prices will naturally rise.
        • Weddings – unlike common belief, weddings are often not much profit to florists, because all the floral arrangements tend to rack up labour costs considerably. Furthermore, they can be an incredible waste of time sometimes – this is why the florist will often ask you if you have come to a conclusion on the wedding theme, dresses and other details that might warrant a second flower scheme down the road when you change your mind.