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Many performances require performers to do lifts for stage. These stunts look great and for those who can pull it off right, it can make all the difference to their performance. However, for those who are trying lifts in their performance routine for the first time, they might face certain problems. There are matters of coordination with others as well as doing one’s part right, so that the whole act does not come crashing down.

Fitness for lifts

Usually individuals who are lifted up are smaller and lighter individuals so that others can handle their body weight more easily. There might be changes in steps or maneuvers that are built into lifts. In general, agility, stability and light footedness are some of the characteristics that performers need to showcase when they do lifts in their performances. As there is little time to execute the same and this needs to be done in tune to music, performers need to train themselves accordingly. Prior to routine practice it would be beneficial if performers underwent resistance training. Along with stretches for flexibility, strength training helps build in agility and core strength. This is a necessity for all kinds of lifts. When the core muscles are strengthened, it is easier to maintain balance and showcase perfection in lifts.

Stay focused

Besides undergoing fitness training to improve one’s performance on stage, it is necessary to stay focused and calm in a grueling routine. If there are complex lifts involved where mistakes can lead to injuries, individuals need to stay focused for which meditation and similar mind focus techniques will prove beneficial. Practicing the simple exercise of focusing on one’s breath before one’s performance will help one stay calm and showcase their best skills on stage. Besides preparing yourself mentally and physically for a performance, you can ensure that you have great costumes to look good on stage. There are dance shop companies that can offer you several choices to shop from.

Make it count

At the end, no matter how your performance comes off, you should have the satisfaction that you did your best. When you are performing with a team, ensure that everyone stays in positive spirits and in a happy frame of mind. After all, the energy of the group is what makes any performance special. Hence, no matter how a performance goes, it should be an exhilarating and memorable experience for all of you. Prepare yourself beforehand and ensure that you look your best with jazz dance shoes online. Your performance gear should be well fitted and comfortable as well.