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It’s a wedding tradition for the bride and groom to give each other gifts on their wedding day. These can be something very symbolic and meaningful, or a naughty gift given in fun. For the grooms out there who are lost when it comes to gifts, here is a quick registry to inspire you. 

Something Sparkly 
Even if the lady never wears jewellery, you can always give her something that she will treasure for the rest of her life. If she dresses simply and with minimal fuss, look for a bracelet online shop that sells simple silver designs that are delicate and light. You can also try other things like simple pendants, earrings that she can wear casually and alternative jewellery like waist chains, navel rings and toe rings which are suggestive and kinky. The important thing is not the value of the piece, but the symbolism behind it. If the piece represents something monumental from your lives together, it will mean more to her than receiving a diamond tiara that holds no meaning. 

The Force Be With You 
If your wife to be is a geek, then your gift battle is easily solved; simply go online and buy them anything at all that is from the fandom that they subscribe to. Thanks to the internet there is an endless supply of various movie and game paraphernalia, jewellery from movies and books (like a couple bracelet Hong Kong from an anime that can change the character into a crime-fighting super hero) and other props and merchandise that will ring true in a her geeky heart. The best part is that, even if you don’t personally understand or subscribe to the same obsession, it shows that you’ve been listening and you acknowledge her obsession. Major points. 

Life Together 
Another option is giving her something that both of you can enjoy together. While this may not be as special as giving her something just for her, it will allow you to build memories together, which is ultimately what life is about. Even something as simple as a game of Twister can be hilarious, while toys to be used in the bedroom can add some spice to your life too. Get gift vouchers to go to the spa together and have a couple’s massage session – after the hectic experience of the wedding, you can both use the relaxation. Invest in a quick holiday and present her with the itinerary as a gift – on second thoughts may be present her with a blank itinerary and ask her where she would like to go.