Month: November 2016

Where To Find Great Books At Cheap Prices

Where do you go when you want to buy a new book but don’t want to pay the ridiculously high price for a brand new one? Publishers are able to set such high price tags because they know people love to get their hands on the latest bestseller fresh off the printer but if you wait for a little while you could bag yourself a discount. Plus, would you really mind reading a book that’s already been read by someone else? I mean, all the words inside are the exact same in a second hand book. It’s not like the original owner has deleted some text before selling or donating it. So, if you’re on the lookout for anything from crime fiction novels to nonfiction ones, then check out these places for cheap prices.

Bookstore sales: Where better to start your search than a big bookstore. Bookstores nowadays are very enjoyable places with plenty of seats to relax and read before you buy and maybe even have a coffee. When they need to make some shelf space, you will be able to take advantage of some good sale prices on all kinds of books. The good thing about bookstores is that the books are both new and easy to find in the store layout.

Car boot sales: This one is a bit of a lottery but you will grab yourself a great bargain because the people who sell at car boot sales really want to sell all their stock that day. Having to take it home again is a real pain. Therefore, you can haggle the price down to what you are willing to pay for. If they don’t go for it, just walk away. Popular genres found at car boot sales include fiction novels and second hand university textbooks.

Second-hand stores: These stores are absolutely fantastic for buying, and selling, books. Similar to a library, you can buy used books, most often in near new condition, and sell them back to the store when you’re done. If they don’t take returns, you will probably be allowed to swap it for another. Take a trip to your local store and see what’s on offer. There’s a good chance you’ll find some classics as well as vintage romance novels.

Online: With the unbelievable success of internet bookstores, more and more high street stores are closing their doors and moving online. What that means for the shop is less overheads and for you cheaper book prices. What’s more, there’s a chance you’ll get free delivery depending on your total purchase.

Library: The only one on the list that doesn’t cost you a single cent. Not one. Sure you do not get to own the book you choose to read but you also don’t need to worry about selling or finding a place to store it. Simply borrow, read, and return.

How to Use Non-Fiction Books to Write a Fiction Novel
Got a passion for crime fiction novels and would love to write one? But you find yourself stuck for ideas on what to write about? Here is a short guide to getting ideas for your new novel and how to start writing it.

Step 1: Choosing your favourite genre
Think about what kind of book you would like to write. There’s a well known phrase that encourages people to do what you love. As long as you stay true to your passions, you will have the continued energy to complete your novel, even in times when you don’t feel like writing at all.

Gifting The Elders During The Holiday Season

Elders who don’t have children or whose children have left them alone and gone are the most lonely ones during the holiday season. They feel like they have no one and they do not know what to do with themselves. They often tend to idle and as a result feel really sad with the entire holiday buzz that’s going around. However there are things that you can do to rectify this situation. You can volunteer at such an elder’s home and ensure that you spend some quality time with them so that they will have someone to talk to and not feel alone at all. Or else you can volunteer to visit some of these elders in their own homes and ensure that you spend some time there as well. The aim of this article is to ensure that you know what you are doing. Here are some tips.

Ask them what they like

If you are not sure as to what you can get for them and take with you, then ensure that you consult them and ask them what they like. This way, they will get something they like and it will not go to waste. You can look gourmet gift hampers online as these might be a good idea. They come stacked with food and other groceries which might be hard for these elder’s to afford and therefore, they will have a stack during the holiday season.

Have a meal or two with them

However, giving them christmas hampers Australia alone will not do the job, you might want to spend some more time with them and perhaps even join them and cook a meal with them. They might have lost touch with their cooking skills and want to spend some time in the kitchen. However, they might not have the necessary strength to do this. Therefore, if you have enough time maybe you can take them to the supermarket, buy the necessary ingredients and spend some time with them in the kitchen and make them their favourite meal.

Take them for a walk

You might want to take them out for a walk and get some fresh air as well. They are stuck in their houses all year around and a bit of fresh air will do them some good. Maybe you can take them to their favourite place in the city and spend some time reminiscing with them. This will be the best gift that you can give them and they will definitely be eternally grateful to you.